1. 🎈I have the most incredible people in my life. thank you to everyone who filled the room last night. ❤ Brooklyn. 2014.

  2. ❤ chasing the sun. Brooklyn. 2014.

  3. dynamicafrica:

    Select images from Moroccan photographer Hassan Hajjaj’s portraiture series ‘My Rock Stars: Volume 1’ that pays homage to African studio photography, made iconic by the likes of Mali’s Malick Sidibe and Seydou Keita, as well as the decorative and colourful style of Samuel Fosso, whilst celebrating some of the artists individual influences - from artists and musicians, to sports players and other everyday people.

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  4. "A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms."
    — from Zen Shin Talks  (via ispysj)

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  6. fokusart:

    It’s International Women’s Day and to celebrate (the FOKUS way), we’re kicking off Women’s HERstory Month with a masterfully curated playlist of artistic feminine fantastic(ness)!!! Each day, through the month of March, the FOKUS Cru will feature an artist along with a sample of her work for you to enjoy. We’re bringing the matriarchal museum to you! So, we’re really hoping you’re on good terms with your social media outlets these days because you will not want to miss this series!!! #FOKUSher

    We take off with visual artist: TOYIN ODUTOLA
    Featured Work: Untitled (Fade into Monochrome) from the series, (I’m) All Yours
    © Toyin Odutola 2014

    p.s. If there’s someone we all need to know about who you feel would fit into the series, reach out to us with your suggestions for featured artists.